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These Are Steps

1. Keep your WordPress Installation Updated!
2. Keep your plugins updated!
3. Forcing SSL logins
4. User Accounts
Please do not use "ADMIN" as user
5-Securing your wp-config.php file

6. Passwords. Make Them Stronger!

  •  Don’t use common words: password, letmein, etc.
  •  Change them frequently. Once per month is ideal.
  •  Don’t use the same password on all of your sites.
  •  Don’t share your passwords with anyone.
  •  Choose a password of: 15-20 Characters, upper/lower case, numbers & special characters.

7. Password protect the WP-Admin Directory w/ cPanel
8. Brute Force Attack Plugin – Limit Login Attempts
9. Exploit Scanner Plugin
10. 3rd Party Scanners/Monitors

like  sucuri.net

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