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First of all, connect to your server via SSH and login as root/elevate yourself to root status. Here is the command we are going to use:

mysql -u user -p password -h host database_name backupfile.sql


mysql -u user -p  database_name < backupfile.sql

when you run this command

it asked password 

You need to change the bold sections. A brief explanation of each:

  • user: The user who has access to the database you are importing data into
  • password: Password of the user
  • host: The database host. This is usually localhost
  • database_name: Name of the database you want to import data into
  • backupfile.sql – Name/location of the backup file you want to import.

Here is a proper example:

mysql -u john -p johnspass -h localhost johns_db /home/john/backups/backup.sql


mysql -u john -p  johns_db < /home/john/backups/backup.sql

In this example, we are importing the file backup.sql into the database johns_db, using the user john, and the database host is localhost.

This could take a while depending on the size of the database. Once you are returned to the command line, the import has been completed. It is a good idea to check in phpMyAdmin or a similar tool to make sure that the database imported correctly.

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