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How do I enable and disable services in cPanel?

The following article explains how to enable and disable services in cPanel. The services that can be turned on and off are as follows:

Service Description
cpimap IMAP mail server
cppop POP3 mail server
entropychat An HTML based chat server
exim SMTP mail server
eximstats Generates statistics from the exim log files for SMTP reporting
httpd Apache web server
interchange A shopping cart server
melange Java based chat server
mysql MySQL database server
named BIND DNS server
proftpd/pure-ftpd FTP server
spamd Spam Assassin server
syslogd System message logger
exim on another port Allows a second copy of the exim SMTP server on an alternate port

To enable and disable services, please follow these steps:
Open a web browser and connect to your cPanel Control Panel located at https://ip address:2087.
Login as the Administrator using the information sent to you in your setup email.
From the Service Configuration menu, click Service Manager.
Check or Uncheck the service you wish to enable or disable.
Click Save.

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