E-mail Solution

Receive emails with email filtering and spam control that eliminates spam and viruses before these threats reach your network. Email is routed through spam experts intelligent self-learning servers that will detect and block spam before it ever reaches you. Get full protection for your Inbox and say goodbye to spam and virus! Keep your inbox safe from phishing attacks. It is also necessary to safeguard your IT infrastructure reputation and ensure all your outgoing email arrives safely where it should. It will block spam and viruses from leaving your network and prevent your IP(s) from being blacklisted ever again. Moreover, it  gives you the reporting and tools to detect compromised accounts and lock-down spamming users. Email filtering gives you all these benefits:

  • No more blacklisting
  • Increase outbound email continuity and delivery
  • Improve abuse manageability
  • Full Inbox protection at competitive prices
  • Extremely accurate filtering
  • Increase inbound email continuity and redundancy
  • Compatible with any mail server


It creates a log file of every email that you receive. It’s a user-friendly control panel with log-search that allows you to check the status of any email which passed through the system. The extensive control-panel allows you to remain in full control of your emails. If your email server is down, your email will be queued. Queued email can be accessed, read, and replied to via the web-interface adding to your inbound email continuity!


You can put an email forwarder for your emails that is so important nowadays that gives you extra confidence and peace of mind. 


You can manage your emails with an email restriction feature that helps you to manage your emails. It’s up to you that you just want to send emails or want to receive emails or both.


Email Archiving protects and preserves all inbound and outbound email for later access. It’s a good way to recover your lost or accidentally deleted emails. Email Archiving is a critical tool to preserve a secure backup of all email and be legally compliant. It’s mandatory now to preserve a secure backup of all emails. Email archiving gives you all these benefits:

  • Never lose an email again
  • Achieve legal compliance
  • Improve IT system performance
  • User friendly data-protection management
  • Added email continuity, journaling support, and easy re-delivery
  • Compressed, encrypted and secure archive