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Domain Transfer

Every thing you need to know for transfering domains in Pakistan

Domain Transfer in Pakistan

Domain Transfer in pakistan Process

There are two option

  1. Transfer domain from one registrar to an other registrar
  2. Push the domain one reseller to other reseller of same registrar.
You can transfer your domains transfer to In this process domains are working durring transfer process. In most cases, each domain transfer will be automatically renewed for 1 year from the current expiration date. Transferring a domain name to Webanchor often takes five days or less, but transfers may take up to seven days to complete. To transfer a domain name.we need some assistance from you. In order to complete a domain transfer successfully from your current registrar to, you need to be sure of the following items.
  1. You are the OWNER or ADMIN CONTACT of the domain name and your email address is listed in domain whois record accordingly. Get authorization code from existing domain registrar and give it to us so we can start domain transfer process. In order to complete your domain name Registrar Transfer, we require approval from the domain's Administrative Contact, this request is sent in an e-mail. If the e-mail address is invalid on the current domain registration information, your transfer may be denied.
  2. "Domain Lock" must be disabled BEFORE you submit for the transfer. (you must go to your current registrar to find out if this has been disabled on your domain)
  3. You can NOT transfer an expired domain. Expired domain names go to Redemption Period for 30 days or even longer and cannot be transferred.
  4. One Year Auto-Renewal/Extension with transfer. In most of the cases, each domain transferred to webanchor will be automatically renewed for another 1 year from the current expiration date.
  5. 5-Registry services can also Deny a Change Registrar Request
  6. If your domain registrar are onlinenic, uk2 group,,, and namecheap and you can use push option for transfer of domain to

Domain Transfer out from webanchor Fee 15$