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Change the WordPress login URL

The default WordPress login page is wp-login.php, and a basic WordPress installation does not allow you to change this location. However, the Rename wp-login.php plugin allows you to change the WordPress login URL. Doing so can reduce the impact of brute force attacks, which are usually scripts that are programmed to hit the wp-login.php page over and over again with login attempts.

When you change the WordPress login URL, anyone who tries to access the wp-login.php page or wp-admin directory receives a “404 Not Found” error message.

To change the WordPress login URL, follow these steps:

1-Log in to your WordPress site.
2-Click Plugins, and then click Add New.
3- In the Search text box, type rename wp-login, and then click Search Plugins.
4-The Rename wp-login.php plugin appears in the list of search results.
5-Under Rename wp-login.php, click Install Now, and then click OK to start the installation.
6-After the plugin installation finishes, click Activate Plugin. The Permalink Settings page appears.
7-Under Common Settings, select a permalink structure for your site.
8-You cannot use the default permalink structure with the Rename wp-login.php plugin.

Under Login, in the Rename wp-login.php text box, type a URL for the login page, or accept the default value of login.
Click Save Changes. The new WordPress login URL appears near the top of the Permalink Settings page.
Test your WordPress site to make sure that it still functions correctly, and that you can access the login page using the new URL. Additionally, if you try to access wp-login.php or wp-admin, you should receive a “404 Not Found” error message.

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