Inode Usage With CPanel Hosting  Inode Usage With CPanel Hosting Most people will not need to be familiar with Inodes if they... Resource limits and Inodes Inodes and RamUnlimited Package   Inodes  maximum 200000 Ram 512MB Unlimited Plus Package... 500 Error 500 uses suphp instead of running php as apache module, thats why 500 error... Bad Practices in Database Design Are You Making These Mistakes?  Bad Practices in Database Design1- Ignoring the Purpose of the... Change the WordPress login URL Change the WordPress login URLThe default WordPress login page is wp-login.php, and a basic... Database size shows 0.00 MB Try running the following command manually to update the disk space usage of the database:... Domain Propagation? Domain Propagation? How to check if DNS propagation has completed? There is no definitive way... How to write .htacess File Tips How to write .htacess File  Tips It is very important file. With .htaccess file, you can  easily... Resource limits Unlimited Packages UnlimitedPhysical Memory/RAM (MB)  512I/O (KB/s)                         1024Entry Processes... Restore database via SSH in cpanel First of all, connect to your server via SSH and login as root/elevate yourself to root status.... Security Tips in the AVAST contest 1700 #SecurityTips in the AVAST contest. The best of round 2.1700 #SecurityTips in the AVAST...  My service(s) is/are down, help! My service(s) is/are down, help!One of the most common support tickets/emails hosting companies...
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