DirectAdmin License manually updated Some time directadmin license is suspended due to non-payment or some other reasonsAfter payment,... I get "Your IP is blacklisted" when I try to login Directadmin Some time you try to login in directadmin panel and you see this your ip is blacklisted... CXS installation in directadmin Installation CXS in Direct Admin For this we need install clamay anti virus 1- cd... DirectAdmin Logs Locations Here You can find all error Logs of directadmin  and you can solve the issues Apache Logs Logs... How to change your server IP address in DirectAdmin. Please login via ssh with putty Go to /usr/local/directadmin/scripts directory:# cd... Install Zend Optimizer and Ioncube on DirectAdmin based servers This is for DirectAdmin based Linux servers only. SSH into your Linux server and use the commands... Installing ModSecurity In Direct Admin You can install cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild./build set modsecurity yes./build set... Multiple PHP Versions and DirectAdmin In order to set the two PHP versions 5.6 and 7.2, first navigate to the CustomBuild folder: cd... PHP Mailparse PECL extension in directadmin Php 7.2 PHP Mailparse PECL extension in directadmin Php 7.2 Step 1 login to ssh and then run this... Permissions and Ownership on Direct admin related system files and domains Permission and ownership in directadmin control panel  you can run this script cd... Restart httpd not working in Directadmin and SSH error message "An error has occurred Details /sbin/service httpd restart 2>&1or Job... csf and direct admin csf up gradation in direct admin How we install CSF in DirectAdmin servers Its time now to see how we install CSF in DirectAdmin...
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