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IS My site is down
Dear Valuable Clients
Most Coman issues.
1- My site is not open
2-server is down
3- My vps is not working
There are so many reasons due to that you face these issues
1-For solution provide some more facilicties in webanchor portal
You should know about your server name and ip
Just login
and then click support and drop down
There is network status just click on it
There you see all servers and vps
There you will see Http, FTP and POP3
If all are green in colour then all are ok from server end if any one is red in colour it means that service for that server or vps is not working .
For web site
2- Ping Your site
In windows go to run and type cmd and enter
you will see a black screeen
Then type "ping your domain name" and enter
if you got some response it mean server is working
3- check your site on a proxy server for example
4- you can again go to cmd
apply this command
For Windows, run the command "ipconfig /flushdns"
5- If still site is not working perhapes your ip is Blocked
then go to
and go to support area and calculate your ip or check by this link
And ip mail to and support department to open your ip
And your site will be working

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