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when we make ftpbackup in solusvm  for kvm server
It make 3 files
1- backup file
2- XML file

restore the backup

1 create new kvm machine on new node  with same resources which you want restore
2- after creatationkvm vm  now you can go backup server and change the 
3- <VSERVERID>-kvm-<vmID>-<ROTATION>.bz

change this to,

after change
then go to new node  add ftp backup server
and then run

this comand download ftp back and restore it

after restore reboot machine
and then login via putty with root password
now you can change ip of machine
some time you see issue
run fsck manually

after root password
then you can
umount /home

and then
fsck -y /dev/sda2

where as sda2 you type your hard disk

It take some time
after compltion reboot machine

Support deaprtmnet

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