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Create template option in the SolusVM admin VPS manage page is for the SIMFS file-system based OpenVZ VPS on the server.  

To create the custom template from the PLOOP based file system refer to the below steps.
  1. Connect via SSH to the OpenVZ server where the source template container is running
  2. Stop the source template container via SolusVM
  3. Create a directory for mountpoint, e.g.:

    # mkdir /templatemnt

  4. Mount the image of the source container CTID:

    # mount -t ploop /vz/private/CTID/root.hdd/DiskDescriptor.xml /templatemnt

    Note: CTID should be replaced with the actual ID of the source container

  5. Change directory location and create a template as per command below, e.g. for CentOS 7:

    # cd /templatemnt
    # tar --numeric-owner --ignore-failed-read -czpf /vz/template/cache/centos-7-custom.tar.gz ./*

    The temaplate file name should be as per the following syntax: distributive-version-arch-specs.tar.gz

  6. Unmount the ploop device:

    # cd ~
    # umount /templatemnt

  7. Upload the template file on the Master server and configure the template

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